This is a hub for me to pen down my everyday's progress and inspirational finding when i'm over the seas, in the cube.

Presenting with my final version of the Projected Display - Documentary of The 2010-2011 Queensland Floods. 

Happen to hop onto this page while researching on the Queensland flood. This website shows good aerial photos of the Brisbane floods; taken in flyovers on January 13 and January 14.

This is one of the concept I like; seeing how people use different ways and creativity to tell something out of it. This is indeed interactive and impactful to show how the flood have affected the Queenslanders’ homelands. 


Oh…my bad.

Here’s the icons I’ve designed for The Flood Wall. 

It is the comment and image icon. A camera is being used as a metaphor for images uploaded. There used to be a twitter dialogue. However, it is changed into a comment icon instead. 

The colour scheme as well as the vector images from Draft 1 were edited accordingly after being critique. (:

Today was really enjoyable. It all started with a presentation at 9:10am to someone important. I have no idea who that important someone is coming, so as usual, I will just be my normal self, do my stuff and yupps.

They arrived and Shalom told, “Hey hey! That’s the Vice Chancellor.” So i’m like.. Oh! And so, it was the Vice Chancellor and two other “visitors”. I thought the lady was really really nice, she’s all so smiley and bubbly. 

After the presentation, The Cube team went to have coffee! And, I found out from Gavin that, the two other “visitors’ I were referring to was indeed, some remarkable person. The Sir, is Chuck Feeney, one of the world richest man who have donated money to many organisations and one of them is The Cube, QUT. I was dumb founded, honestly. I have never ever imagine myself talking to one of the world richest man. Woah~ It’s unbelievable and unforgettable! It’s definitely a pleasure and honour to have met Sir Chuck Feeney and his wife. 

After coffee, did some work, and it’s time for lunch. Had lunch with The Cube members at The Ship Inn along South Bank. This lunch is somewhat like a farewell lunch for Jared. It’s nice having lunch all together as one and definitely, it was enjoyable. Moreover, I also got to learn some wine tasting techniques from Gavin. (: 

While I was looking up for some photos in Google Images, I found this which I thought it could be an alternative way to convey the message of not only is Brisbane affected, but also, Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley and Ipswich. 

As compared to the current concept I have, I envision that this imagery map concept would bring out a more impactful, clear and detailed idea to people, and at the same time, the visuals would somewhat connect to The Flood Wall better; in terms of the bubble speech as well as the map background. 

With each passing year we grow and learn. With each passing year we progress. Yes there are mistakes committed. Yes there are regrets, but we need to be strong and rational for years to come. I wish all strength and prosperity in coming year ahead. Happy new year to all! :D

Gavin called for a meeting to update the team on the current status of building of the exhibition space which is currently under construction. After the meeting, I have a clearer picture of how things would be like, and everything sounds so exciting. After looking at the floor plans, exhibition site, network topologies and hearing his explanation, I believe Gavin and his team’s hard work have been paid off! :D Really looking forward to the opening of The Science and Engineering Centre! Unfortunately, by then, I would be most likely in Singapore?  

No matter what, ALL THE BEST! Most probably, after sometime, I would be back as a tourist to view the exhibition! 

After Gavin’s presentation, Professor Jeff, continued by sharing the missions and vision of The Cube. I thought it is something pretty interesting to share as after all, being part of The Cube team, we should at least be aware of the purpose and gist of The Cube. (:

While storyboarding on the last part of the documentary, I have got an idea that could be implemented for future enhancement. The above is a simple illustration.

Imagine the people who are watching at the documentary at a slight further distance could have simple interaction with the screen as well; other than those who are crowding at interactive panel. 

My idea is to have a webcam at the back, that can capture the audience’s participation, so that people who are at a further distance, could also have a better idea, of what is going on, if there were to be a crowd. Probably, while introducing what the interactive map panel can do at the last part of the documentary, there will be a slight interval where the webcam will start activating. It would most likely activate for around 5 minutes. People will see themselves on the screen, telling a message, HEY, YES. YOU. IT’S YOU. You can see, comment and share via this interactive wall. 

I do not know if it sounds silly, but I kind of got this idea by looking at how kids get amazed seeing themselves on a screen; arousing curiosity and probably with this, it will gather crowds to participate.

This is just an simple random idea/suggestion, I have got and would like to share for the future enhancement.