This is a hub for me to pen down my everyday's progress and inspirational finding when i'm over the seas, in the cube.

Gavin called for a meeting to update the team on the current status of building of the exhibition space which is currently under construction. After the meeting, I have a clearer picture of how things would be like, and everything sounds so exciting. After looking at the floor plans, exhibition site, network topologies and hearing his explanation, I believe Gavin and his team’s hard work have been paid off! :D Really looking forward to the opening of The Science and Engineering Centre! Unfortunately, by then, I would be most likely in Singapore?  

No matter what, ALL THE BEST! Most probably, after sometime, I would be back as a tourist to view the exhibition! 

After Gavin’s presentation, Professor Jeff, continued by sharing the missions and vision of The Cube. I thought it is something pretty interesting to share as after all, being part of The Cube team, we should at least be aware of the purpose and gist of The Cube. (:

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